Leaving Welcome

Then there’s the matter of leaving Welcome. Well, it’s more or less public now, Francois announced it in the corporate meeting 2 days ago, together with the new organization change and the news spread out fast. People who left Welcome got to know about it and started to ping me through instant messaging to both ask why and congratulate me on my career move. I even have recruiters coming to me to ask me to keep in touch in case I need to recruit in my new job. More than one person has expressed total shock that I will be leaving so much so that I suspect they think I’m part of the furniture in Welcome!

It’s a strange feeling to be in transition, in a limbo between a current job and a new job. What makes it even stranger is that my current team of 50+ people has been sliced and diced and scattered to the 4 winds, forming new departments with new heads or pushed to existing teams but with new structures. People are jostling over the new organization, wanting to take charge of this and that team, having meetings, forming ‘alliances’ or simply adjusting to life without me around.  It’s the feeling of being operated on while supposedly under anesthetics but you’re wide awake. Nominally I’m still ‘in charge’ but the feeling has been that I’ve been put on a pedestal now. It is not only sad to leave the team that I’ve built up over the years, but also pretty devastating to see that the team itself is dissected and served up to different people.

Still, life goes on, projects to be delivered, customers to be serviced, products to be launched. Welcome is Welcome. Work still to be done while I’m here, whatever I can contribute before my final farewell.

4 thoughts on “Leaving Welcome

  1. Well, congratulations again!

    Can’t say much about Welcome, but you had really done a great work there. Most of people who worked there knew or will know it.

    It may be a new milestone in your life. I do believe you can do even better in your new job.

    All the best!

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