I wrote this mashup application for my book originally but extended it during the Easter holiday weekend, spruced it up and made it more user-friendly (I hope) and changed it name to City360. The whole idea behind this app is to provide everything that you want to know about a city (hence 360 degree view on the city — corny name, I know).

So far what it can do is:

  1. Locate for you in an online map where the city is
  2. Give you information on nearby places of interest (click on the link and it will be shown on the map!)
  3. Tells you about the available hotels in the vicinity of the city
  4. Forecasts today’s and the next few day’s weather in that city
  5. Shows a mosaic of pictures taken by people on the Web, associated with this city (click on the picture to popup a bigger pic)
  6. Lets you convert your local currency to the city’s currency
  7. Tells you the current time at the city and compares it with your current location

Check it out at

Let me know what else you think can improve this app!

New look to blog

I did a quick revamp of the look and feel to my blog, this feels much lighter and simpler than the one before. Anyway the old one had a javascript exploit that landed me in hot soup and I was filtered off as having ‘badware’ from the site. Incidentally that site is also supported by Google so Google will flag this site as being bad if you search for it from Google. In addition, the new Firefox’s default security also flagged it as being an attack site and it was a double ouch.Lesson learnt — always be on the lookout for exploits if you’re running a site, even a personal blog.