PiSA (PHP, iPhone, Sqlite, Apache)

I got my iPhone over the weekend ,thanks to Simon and Watt. In a word — it’s a technological marvel. After jailbreaking it and unlocking it, I went around mucking around its innards to see what I can play with.

I found out that some people have already ported some Unix tools and a command terminal on it. More importantly, I noticed an interesting web development stack has also already been ported over — Apache 1.3, PHP 5 and Sqlite3 (which I coined PiSA in a chat with Mech, with a nod to the LAMP stack). This really raised my interest level. There has been plenty of talk about iPhone web apps as well as iPhone native apps, with Apple intending on releasing an SDK in February 2008. But a web application running over a web stack right in the iPhone itself? Juicy!

Let’s see what are the possibilities of such a PiSA stack:

  1. Truly mobile web applications. Imagine carrying your web application around in your pocket and wherever you are, you can access it. When you’re connected to the Internet, anyone else can access it. With dynamic DNS you can have a domain name tacked on your iPhone PiSA app and voila(!) mobile web applications.
  2. Really peer-to-peer applications. My iPhone PiSA app talking to your iPhone PiSA app. Web services. iPhone PiSA web application mashups.
  3. Cool online/offline hybrid applications. Same (or partial) web application running offline in the iPhone, database sync to the main application.

It’s a brave new iWorld.