Chinese English Dictionary application for OS X

It is my life long dream to learn enough Chinese to read the ‘Legend of the Condor Heroes’ or 射雕英雄传 in its original language and it was one of the main reasons why I wrote my Chinese English Dictionary application. Now that I’ve switched over to to an OS X machine I wanted to continue using it. Fortunately I used Java to write the software and a quick build using NetBeans created a suitable enough jar to run. Unfortunately it looked a bit ugly and I couldn’t start it up like a normal OS X application. After some Googling, I was pleasantly surprised that Apple bundles with a neat Jar Bundler that creates a nice OS X interface for the desktop application. I spiffed up the icons using Icon Composer (also bundled in) and created my first OS X desktop application. You can find both Jar Bundler and Icon Composer in /Developer/Applications/Java Tools under your main disk.

So for OS X users out there who wants a simple, easy to use and effective Chinese English Dictionary to be your companion while learning Chinese, you can download the full OS X application from here.