JavaOne 2007, San Francisco, Day 4 (final day)

So the final day has arrived and as in previous years, JavaOne ended on a rather quiet and subdued note. The general session on the last day was by James Gosling (for those uninitiated, the ‘Father of Java’) and his session was called ‘The Toy Show’. It featured a whirlwind of 12 demos aimed to display the wide range and variety of uses in the industry, from meat weighing machines to toy robots to terrain scanning helicopters. It was a pretty interesting session which highlighted the extended reach Java have in all aspects of software development today, though I dare say that this is really nothing compared to the reach C has in the market.

The only interesting technical session (at least in my opinion) that followed was the one on Java ME data binding by Sun Microsystems. I missed the earlier one where a new flashier UI using SVG was discussed but nonetheless, it was quite interesting how much further Java ME is going to go in the coming months and years.

I met up with Watt after that and he brought me across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito for dinner where we had California styled sushi, which for the record tastes nothing like the Japanese food I have so often in Singapore.

I’ll be heading back to sunny Singapore tomorrow with a tired body but fresh new ideas and technologies. It was a good trip all in all.


2 thoughts on “JavaOne 2007, San Francisco, Day 4 (final day)

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