JavaOne 2007, San Francisco, Day 2

This will be a short post. I’m tired, it’s almost 3am and I have another full day tomorrow (not to mention the After-Dark Bash, which I look forward to, since I’ve not been to one in the previous years). Today’s session for me have been filled with JavaCard related technical talks and one on software as a service (SaaS) with an experimental Sun project called Project Caroline.

Briefly, I learnt a great deal more on JavaCard 3 today. I attended 3 sessions on JavaCard and 2 of them are about JavaCard 3. It’s true — JavaCard 3 will have a servlet engine based on Servlet 2.4 and will be multi-threaded but it will require 32-bit microprocessors in the chip. Gemalto even has a pretty neat AJAX contact management servlet app running as a demo. This is a first glimpse of the architecture, as presented during a session by Joe Wei from the JavaCard team:


As you can see, it will have both ‘classic’ APDU protocol as well as the new ‘connected’ HTTP/S protocol stack. However there are lots of questions still unanswered.

I took my usual picture with Duke.


But the biggest surprise of the day was that I met Dennis. Yes, of all the people to bump into, it was him. He was here on a business trip and by chance he decided to drop into JavaOne as a pavillion visitor. But here he was. The first time I was in JavaOne was with Dennis 7 years ago and 7 years later here we are again, at the same place. Different, with the intervening years and both of us are much older and maybe wiser (?) and more experienced. We had dinner together at Mel’s Dine-In to reminisce on old times, of the heady days of past and the tumultuous days when the world crashed around us


Life is sometimes a funny thing.

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