A post from San Francisco

I’m in San Francisco now, for the JavaOne conference at Moscone Center and this is the third time I’ve been here. The first time was in 2000 with Dennis and his then girlfriend Soo Chen. The second time I came alone in 2003, like this time. Both times I had a busy side agenda and itinerary to meet up as many people as possible in the Valley. It was always rushed for meetings and missed conference sessions. This time round is more relaxed, I’m here just for the conference though I’m also meeting up with Watt this Friday since he has so kindly driven all the way from LA to meet up with me.

I spent the day roaming around the old places I’ve been to San Francisco the last two times. The last two times, my hotel was a bit far away from Moscone Center because of last minute arrangements; this time round Doreen arranged for me very much earlier and I had a nice hotel at Pickwick, which is just around the corner from Moscone. After collecting the conference passes and registering myself, I wandered around the area. Moscone Center is right at downtown San Francisco, near to Union Square and that was the first place I walked around.


Nothing much seem to have changed. The shops are almost exactly the same — Saks at Fifth Avenue, Macy’s Bloomingdale’s Nordstorm, Tiffany & Co, Macy’s, Niketown, Levis, Victoria’s Secret, Borders and so on.

I also took the famous cable car ride from Powell station up to Fisherman’s Wharf and walked around Pier 39, looking at the famous sea lions, peering over to Alcatraz and had the famous dungeness crab for dinner.


Nothing much has changed, which surprised me a bit though not a lot. Tomorrow is the conference proper. Let’s see how it goes. I hope it’ll be a good one this year.

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