There’s a bug on my computer!

I had an urge to fold a ‘bug’ after the various bug incidents at the office recently. This particular model is at least 13 years old, I found it at Joseph Wu’s excellent origami diagram repository. Kudos to Marc Vigo Anglada for creating such an amazing piece. It’s pretty life-like and relatively easy to fold. I folded it in about 2 hours but most of the time was in figuring out the diagram since it has a few ‘bugs’ (or I could have interpreted it the wrong way). Once this is done I tried another one and did it in about 30 mins. The hardest part is in folding the legs initially, which can be quite tedious. This model is folded from a single piece of A4 sized photocopy paper.

Here are some snapshots of the ‘bug’:


There’s a bug on my MacBook Pro!


Top view of the bug


Side view of the bug


Another way of looking at the bug.


The underbelly of the bug.

The proof of its life-likeness was when I showed it to my wife and she glared at me. I think she liked the Kawasaki rose better :)

3 thoughts on “There’s a bug on my computer!

  1. chanced upon your blog through my quest for a good looking Kawasaki rose picture! I have folded it a couple of times and none of my photographas do justice! you got beautiful ones there!! so thought I’d drop a line!

    and yeah, I have always been looking for a good place to buy good origami paper, any suggestions??

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