Glowing Kawasaki Rose

This is an ‘enhanced’ version of the Kawasaki’s Rose I did a couple of months ago. The major difference between this version and the previous one is, of course, that it glows. Check it out below.

Glowing rose - sideview

Glowing rose from side view.

Glowing rose - front view

Glowing rose from top view.

Quite a few people asked me for additional tips on how I created the previous rose so I took a few snapshots of the work in progress.

Front tip of glowing rose bulb

The glowing tip is really just a simple small light bulb I salvaged from an old toy torchlight. I took cable-tying wires and stripped off both ends to expose the naked wire, then stuff one end into the bulb holder. Since the stem is made of stiff wire, the stem itself conducts the small current it takes to light up the rose.

Glowing rose stem wrapped with wires

I didn’t have any soldering tools so I took a glue gun and stuck the stem to the end of the light bulb. Then I wrapped the wire around the stem.

Back end of rose (prototype)

The tail end of the stem is attached to a simple battery holder.

The rose itself is made from an old plastic bag, which allows it to glow nicely. You can try other materials if you like but if you want it to glow properly you should use something that is not too thick. I used some green-colored paper and made the leaf and petal base shapes (it’s not really origami, I know but most origami doesn’t glow either) and used my glue gun to stick them on. The stem, as before, is wrapped with crepe paper.

It’s still work in progress as I intend to make a nice vase as well as attaching a proper switch to the base.


  1. Old red-colored plastic bag – free
  2. Stiff wire – 50 cents
  3. Green paper – 50 cents
  4. Green crepe paper -50 cents
  5. Battery holder – $1.20
  6. Batteries – $1.00
  7. Look on my wife’s face as I gave her a glowing rose on our 10th anniversary Valentine Day – Priceless.

11 thoughts on “Glowing Kawasaki Rose

  1. oh so i assume the red plastic bag you used is the typical plastic bag. coz i feel that its kinda of flipsy n hard to fold

  2. This is so awesome!! I really love it! I am looking for ideas for my wedding. I just stumbled upon this on google. You gave me a really good idea for getting more red in my wedding, without the cost of red roses. Thanks for the help:-D

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