Kawasaki’s rose

This Kawasaki’s Rose is folded from a single piece of paper without cutting. The stem is made from steel wire, wrapped in crepe paper. The single leaf is also folded without cutting. I folded the rose in about 30 mins and the leaf in about 10 mins. The rest of the stem and the assembly took me about another 20 mins so all in all the whole rose took about 1 hour to make.

Kawasaki’s rose is a famous origami piece by Toshikazu Kawasaki, while the stem and the single rose leaf is my little variation of the theme. Most Kawasaki’s roses I have seen use this base instead. Some also uses a vase, but I thought it looks better and more realistic this way.

55 thoughts on “Kawasaki’s rose

  1. hello, i’ve been folding kawasaki roses for a while now, and i really like your stem+leaf!

    could you please send me the instructions for the leaf?

  2. Hm, I don’t have particular instructions for the leaf and stem, but this is roughly how I did it:
    1. Use a small square piece of green paper and fold it twice
    2. Open it up and fold the two creases inward
    3. Fold the edges into neat triangles on both sides until it resembles a rhombus-like leaf as above
    4. Crease the leaf accordingly as you like it to simulate the leaf
    5. Using a piece of green wire (the type you tie loose wires with), place it into the opening under the leaf
    6. For the stem, I used a piece of hard thick wire (get it at some hardware shop) and wrapped crepe paper around it. Before wrapping the crepe paper, be sure to tie the green wire from the leaf on to the stem first.
    7. You should find a small hole at the bottom of the rose. Insert the stem into it.
    To make things more ‘permanent’ I used a glue gun and glued the stem to the rose.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Wow, your rose looks so much better than mine!!! Can you provide instructions for how you got the final petals to look the way they do?

  4. Thks! I didn’t do anything different from the instructions really, but I experimented with the petals a few times after completion, trying to smoothen out the edges and bending them in ways that looks more aesthetically pleasing. Nothing special really.

  5. wow, this is awesome, i was wondering how you do it! this is awesome! are u people like proffesioanls? I guess so, wow this is amazing! It’s so pretty!

  6. ive been looking for the perfect rose to make (been wanting to learn since i was a little girl) would you mind sending me the instructions to this gorgeous rose?

  7. i LOVE origami and i love yr rose is fantiste but i try to make it but is not as “tubular as yrs can u tell me how to make it so “tubular” but i dont have email

    thx very much i will be waiting to for u to repiy ,love the origamis u make!!!!!!!!

  8. but i dont need intruction on how to make rose but just how to make it look ‘tubular’
    just like yrs above..

    and if u make new origami invention plaese please give me.

    the best origami master.

  9. Precioso! can you send me the diagrams for the kawasaki rose… if you have others diagrams for roses please can you send it to me. I love your work thanks
    From Chile Fabiola.

  10. I have to say that its beautiful. Thats one thing I would make (If I CAN ever) for my mother. I hope theres some way this could go into those simple oragami books for kids. Ya right. Just one more thing; whoever made this is a genious!

  11. omg that is so cool ive been trying to make mine look like that but it turns out to be some heap of paper :( but i keep trying though :)

  12. just need instructions for the kawasaki rose, to give as present on my wifes and i’s anniversary please, see loves flowers but if i made them it would be more of a personal twist to the day (sept)

  13. Hi saush,

    May I know the dimension of paper you’re using to fold this beautiful kawasaki rose? 20cm x 20cm?

  14. Hi, the paper is a standard A4 paper which I made out a square by folding it diagonally once and removing the extra rectangular strip.

    The instructions are in the post and in comment no. 11.

  15. How do u make this rose? can u please send me step by step instructions.. with pictures.. send to my e-mail because i realli wanna learn.. thanks heaps..

    tiffany xoxox

  16. Hi your rose is really awesome!!! I have tried making it off the instructions over and over again but I can’t seem to make them :( any advice?

    Anyways I found out that the kawasaki rose on youtube is nothing like this, but you could attach a rose (from this site: http://www.bloom4ever.com/howto/howto01.htm) to the “youtube” rose (with the bigger one being the “youtube” one and a paper ratio of about 1.7:1)

    Teach me!!! Thanks!

  17. Hello! This paper rose is more beautiful than a real rose! I tried making it but I kind of lost you there on step 20, if it’s possible, could you or anyone give me some advice?

  18. hi sausheong just wanted to say that your rose is so amazing but so complicated to… i wanted to know if there a easier way to make a rose??

  19. hi sausheong i just want to say your rose is so beautiful and well-made kindly send to me instructions how to make the rose?and how to attach the steel wire with therose? thanks !!!
    i need it for my project

  20. Very well-folded example of the Kawasaki Rose. Great job!

    The link to the diagram/instructions is in the body of the post – please click on the words ‘Kawasaki’s Rose’ to download the PDF, people!!

  21. Hi I have made a few roses myself and wish to share the end products with paper rose lovers. They are made without glue and from a single piece of A4 size papers. [IMG]http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg190/1photobucketraps/IMG_0915.jpg[/IMG]

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