Interview with PuneRuby

Satish from PuneRuby interviewed me by email — I was quite pleasantly surprised and flattered by his interview request. After all, I’ve only been doing Ruby for about a year or so now and it felt good to be considered a ‘Ruby guru’. (*chest puff*)

So there I was, shooting off a response to his interview request at 2am in the morning in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, trying to put together a proposal for a project migration in Mexico City, while discussing a cutover for the same project with people from Aix-en-Provence and Singapore. Next thing I know, RedHanded picked up the interview because of a bad English phrase I used! How embarassing!

Honestly, the ‘5.times do’ thing was the only think that came to mind then. I was thinking writing Ruby was like having a conversation with the computer and how clear it was to me that I was asking the computer to print out the statement 5 times and that was what attracted me to Ruby. No cryptic hand-waving to get the computer to do stuff, just simple statements.

But it’s not that bad — it did pick up on the SRB (some free promo) and I did have some 5 minutes of notoriety on RedHanded.

5 thoughts on “Interview with PuneRuby

  1. I don’t think the mention on Redhanded had anything to do with your English; it is fine.

    Did you mean to say it is not hard to understand? Perhaps the way it came out expressed the statement a little more strongly than you intended, but I would say it is still true.

  2. It’s true! Your English was impeccable. Come on, you even used the word “manifest”. I liked the interview — BELIEVE IT.

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