Graduation day!

I graduated today from my Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration. The passing rate was much lower than I expected — only 22 our of 32 in the class graduated today — that was quite a humbling thought as well.

Graduation Graduation all photo
So, I’m an arbitrator now. Well, not yet, not until I handle a real case at least. But what I’ve learnt during the classes and the practicum are useful nonetheless. It reminded me of a discussion about CMMI effectiveness and the neutrality and fairness of any CMMI evaluation, since the lead appraiser can sometimes come from the same organization, and the other appraisers in the SEPG are usually from the same organization itself. From that perspective, arbitration really covered all grounds regarding neutrality and fairness, very rigourously and it is an interesting comparison. My studies on Law has given me much new perspective when looking at processes and management.

Anyway. I’ll be joining the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators as a Fellow as soon as I send in my application. See what happens next.

5 thoughts on “Graduation day!

  1. Dear Sau Sheong,

    I am in the 4th intake of GCIA and will be going thru the same ALP this coming 4 Jul to 7 Jul.

    Congratulation on your achievement. May I seek how you do it? Any advise to pass? etc

    Hope to hear from you soon. (i.e before the exam, ha ha)

    Siong Loong

  2. Hi Sau Sheong,

    Just to share a good news – I passed the exam already. Thank you for your advise.

    Have a nice day!

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