My Yahoo account hacked!

Last week my Yahoo account was hacked. I didn’t realise it until some people asked me why I was sending them some funny urls. I still don’t know what was sent though I’m half-afraid it’s something pornographic :(

Identity theft is something I read and write about some time back and this is something that hit me the second time. Although generally I’m quite relaxed with my identify and credentials, this has taught me to be more cautious about my accounts and my general outlook on security.

There were some reports of phishing in some local and foreign banks, particularly Citibank and OCBC. As I have written before, phishing is only the tip of the iceberg, nastier things lurk at the bottom of that particular cesspool. It’s been some time since I wrote about that, maybe I’ll continue that again.
You’ll never know who’s out there, waiting for you to make that misstep, waiting to pounce on your mistakes.

4 thoughts on “My Yahoo account hacked!

  1. Wow, the same thing just happened to me…i don’t think i can fix it…my friend’s account got hacked and it sent me a link, i clicked it cuz he always sends me things, well now my account is gone too…

  2. Hi Sau Sheong Chang,

    I just wonder that did you know your blog appeared to have Trojan infected? Whenever I browser your web page, my McAFee detected a trojan from your website !


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