Brazil and England lost

The two teams I was rooting for lost! What a disaster! I spent the past 6 hours watching my two teams crash and burn into oblivion! But they probably deserved to lose … Brazil was terrible! Zidane was brilliant to watch and Henry was as nimble as ever, but alas the much celebrated brilliance of Brazil strike force was never evident. If anything France deserved to win. When I was in France last week, I had this short exchange with a waiter during dinner, while France played Togo. With our limited conversational possibilities it was all that we can do but to exchange a few words on football. The waiter was openly scornful of the Le Bleus’ chances — that there was talent but no teamwork. I agreed with him at that point in time, but I wonder what he thinks of it now.

England was lethargic and clumsy much of the first half woke up only when they lost Rooney. I suppose that was pretty ironic — that he was so iconic and central to their gameplan but they only got better when he was booted out. But again they were terrible at taking penalties. Poor Lampard! So accurate and deadly during the Premiership but so luckless during the World Cup! It’s so pitiful to see them all so dejected, their heads down and tears flowing freely while the Portugese team danced away.

Which team to support next? It’ll be Germany I suppose though I might jinx it if I say so :(

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