World Cup starts tomorrow!

World Cup will be starting in 22 hours time! Although it’s terribly commercialized, but football is football. I think enough people still love the beautiful game. I compare football to programming actually. Both needs experience, flair and a certain passion, and a good piece of code just like a ball well passed and well scored is a marvel on its own. On the flip side, sadly sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have the best skills or the best code, but it’s the scoreline or the final deliverable that matters. No matter if you dived to get a penalty or scrapped by a lucky goal, a goal is still a goal and a match win is all that matters. No matter how well you code, it’s the final product that still matters. You might have coded extremely well but if your software fails to deliver the functionalities, it’s still a failure. You still lose the match.

Still. Not all is lost.

Maybe I’m idealistic but good code is like football well played. It’s not just the accolades you get, but the deep down satisfaction that you have done it and you have done it well and with flair and style. The feeling that you have snubbed the opposition in his face, there you go, take that! The rush and thrill of creating something out of nothing, that you have fought entropy and all its minions dragging you down, and you have won. Something is born, you give life to a piece of code that maybe struggled when it was first born, but the wonder and amazement of creation, still.

Over dramatic? Yah. I suppose it’s the same rush some people get jumping off planes or off buildings with rubber bands tied to their feet. But weird though. I can be such a geek sometimes. Oh well.