JSS updates

I have updated JSS considerably and is currently writing a presentation to show the guys in my team. Hope they can appreciate the principles behind JSS — of simplicity in maintenance and transparency in code. Nothing hidden, totally open.

JSS has also been accepted as a incubator project in java.net at https://java-server-scripts.dev.java.net/

I haven’t done much on this though. I’m going to release JSS under MIT license though I originally used Apache internally. Doesn’t make much of a difference really, just which brand to use that’s all. With respect to Ruby on Rails, the original inspiration to JSS, I’ll make this MIT licensed as well.

Why java.net and not Sourceforge? Well … although I’m more familiar with Sourceforge, it’s probably better to host a Java project in java.net, might even get hosting space to run a demo, which would be almost impossible in Sourceforge. Anyway let’s try something different. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll move it to Sourceforge.

There hasn’t been any code release yet, so don’t bother check it out yet. I’ll go slow on releasing JSS, want to use this internally first if possible.

So what’s new in JSS? I can now generate scaffolding like in Rails :) No kidding. It’s probably not the most useful feature in Rails and probably the most disabused but it is certainly one of the most well-known features. Oh, I can’t do the same magic as in Rails, but it’s close (I think). In any case it’s the model that is dragging me down most of the time (not to blame Hibernate but I don’t really see any other alternatives to ActiveRecord in Java).

Generating models is also easier — I can selectively generate models based on certain tables only though it does take a bit of configuration. I’ve also added a lot of jss tags, in fact most of the HTML input fields are covered.