It’s over!

My draft award writing exams are finally over! That has been occupying most of my free time for the past month or so, and it’s a great relief that it’s finally done with. One word — arbitration is much harder than it sounds or looks. It’s both an art and a skill — I think the psychological factor is probably the harder of the two. To be truly neutral, or if not, to at least look damn close neutral is tough work. It’s not about poker face either — it’s about reassuring the parties that you are fair and just and they have to believe it. Judges have it easy since their powers are derived from the law and the consitution (in many countries) but arbitrator’s powers are derived from the parties who appointed him or her to be the arbitrator. It’s literally power from the people. As Prof Boo (my lecturer) said — it’s like being a politician.

The final award writing part is the toughest amongst the 3 exams — writing a coherent and sensible award in 3 hours is no kidding. I’m not confident at all that I will pass this one …

But I suppose the harder part is yet to come. If I ever do pass and graduate, I think the hardest part would be to get people to trust me enough to appoint me to arbitrate their disputes. That’ll take a lot of selling though.