Berkeley DB Java Edition

This looks like a pretty interesting product, from Oracle even. Will have to take a closer look at it after tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Berkeley DB Java Edition

  1. If you are looking at easy persistence with embedded Java databases, you are probably better off with using IBM Cloudscape (Apache Derby) or HSQL + Hibernate. What’s the point of using yet another proprietary persistence API?

  2. Ah … borne from the bad experiences with Cloudscape in the past. Haven’t tried the new one since name change and into open source with Apache.

    But looks like Berkeley DB Java Edition is more standards based than Cloudscape and Hibernate HQL, since it is EJB 3.0 based.

    Remember Berkeley DB came out way before any of them, although it is unconventional (if you look only at SQL databases) don’t take anything away from them.

    Will check them out and blog about it now my exams are over! Hurray!

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