Java Server Scripts

Java Server Scripts is something new that I wrote, in developing a ‘Java for Rails’ type of web application development framework. Actually I kind of hate that word — ‘framework’. JSS is not really new technology, but it’s a new technique used in Java that emulates the simplicity of development and maintenance that so attracted me to Ruby on Rails in the first place. There’s no rocket science involved here — just pure Java, no additional frameworks, no new jars to add etc. Just unzip, make a few configuration settings (which will be automated once I get around doing an installer) and off you go. You don’t even need to compile manually if you don’t want to.

These are the rough equivalents in JSS to Rails:

  • ActiveRecord -> Hibernate (Core + Tools)
  • ActionController -> Servlet + Beanshell
  • ActionView -> JSP + Tags
  • WEBRick -> Tomcat

Check out the short tutorial here

In case you are looking for and, if you’re part of my Server Lab team, I’ve place it in the Wizard file server, if you’re not then send me an email at cssheong at pacific dot net dot sg and I’ll send you the link to download it.

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