Projectible in alpha

I’ve wrapped up on the broad strokes on Projectible, finally! This is something I’ve been doing on and off for the past few weeks. Originally a subset of Beehive’s massive set of new features, I never really thought how much real work it took to get a publicly available web application ready for even semi ‘production’ use. Real lessons learnt here on deploying a live Rails application.

Well, what is Projectible? Projectible is an online project management and publication tool, that focuses on an important feature that not many online web project management do — to publish MS Project plan files. Yes, that’s right — Projectible can take a MS Project plan you have and push it to the server, but you’ll need to use a small client application to do this. Besides this, everything else is like any other online project management and publication tool, but I believe this is a crucial feature. MS Project is used by almost everyone I know who manages a project professionally yet most people ignore this and goes on to repeat what MS Project does, online!

So how does it compete with Microsoft’s own Project Server? There isn’t any real competition though — MS Project Server is not avaiable publicly and requires someone to host and maintain it, so it’s often out of question for many except for larger enterprises. Besides MS Project Server is not easy to use or maintain (I know — I use it in Welcome), and it is a bandwidth hog — it’s deployment guide states flatly that it requires 10Mbps to run it normally. It’s not really meant for Internet use though you can do it.

How about other online project management tools like the venerable Basecamp, the original web application which Rails is extracted from? Well, Basecamp is a great tool, but it mainly focuses on basic project management features and for people who are used to MS Project the interface isn’t really that familiar. Besides, Projectible’s main focus is publication of MS Project plan files, something which Basecamp is not into.

Of course, Basecamp and other tools have been around for a while, and I’ve just started Projectible :)

Try it out at !

I’ve also moved all blogs to do with Projectible to

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