Ruby on Rails developers in Singapore?

Been trying to google around to see if there are other Rails developers in Singapore, or some that would be interested in learning Rails. If that’s you then drop me a note. If you know of someone, then ask him if he’s interested in contacting me? I want to start a developer’s group on Rails here, kinda have someone to talk shop with.

I remember the days when we first started the Singapore Java Users Group, it was a fun time. Perhaps can start something along those lines (but without the latter negativity) with Rails.

6 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails developers in Singapore?

  1. Drop me a note. I’m hacking some ROR codes now and are gathering some ROR fans too.

    Planning to start a group soon.

  2. Hey,

    Do drop me a email. I’ve been looking at RoR recently and I’m eager to have people to learn with.


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