Securing Internet Banking

This is tentatively the title of my latest article. I’m doing a lot of research on Internet banking nowadays, it’s a pretty fascinating topic. This is roughly the table of contents for the article:

  • Introduction
  • Internet banking
  • Rationale and risks
  • Internet banking security threats
    • Phishing
    • Man-in-the-middle attacks
    • Trojan attacks
    • Insider attacks
    • Programming faults
  • Counter threat measures
    • Technical methods
      • Channel encryption
      • Single factor authentication
      • Multi-factor authentication
      • Securing transactions
      • Validating transactions
      • Securing clients
    • Non-technical methods
      • User education
      • Liability shifting
      • Loss shifting
  • Liability and legal issues
    • Liability and regulatory issues in US
    • Liability and regulatory issues in UK/Europe
    • Liability and regulatory issues in other countries
  • Internet banking surveys
  • Conclusion

If there is anyone out there who is interested in this topic, please drop me some comments on this!

2 thoughts on “Securing Internet Banking

  1. Hi there,

    Reading your article I could not stop at all. It’s so interesting and helpul.
    is this article completed? I only can read from part 1 to part 5.
    Could you please help me to find the rest.

    Great job. Thank you very much.

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