Back from KL

Just came back from KL. It’s been a not-so-good past 2 weeks or so. Generally fell ill, some kind of virus infection. Had cough, eye infection, nose bleed, headaches almost everyday. Looks like KL is not a good place for me, bad feng shui.

Costs in KL have rocketed tremendously. Things in Singapore, even after conversion seems cheap, which is a total shock for me. The normal Gameboy Advance SP which I can get for SGD 120 in singapore costs me RM 350 in KL. A 19″ Barney soft toy costs SGD 19.90 but costs RM 79.90 in KL. Anyone would think the exchange rate is 1 SGD to 3 RM instead of 1 SGD to 2.2 RM.

One thought on “Back from KL

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