graduate certificate in international arbitration

i got into this course.

not sure what i’m getting myself into, but passing it means i’ll be a certified bona fide arbitrator and be qualified for direct admission to the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb).

5 thoughts on “graduate certificate in international arbitration

  1. hi, so upon completing the graduate cert in international arbitration, are you now an arbitrator? how beneficial is the course? i’m contemplating should i sign up for it. appreciate your advices.


  2. Hi hi,

    I am thinking to take up this course, may be next intake in Jan 2011, but do not have any solid idea of what to be taught and tested is this course. I found that the brochure is merely some advertisement clauses without in-depth of the course.

    Can you share the study/reading material for this course, Graduate Certificate in International Arbitration?

    Thank you

    1. I can’t beviele that a guy (Hugh White) tries to propose a best course to protect Australia’s interests was attacked ruthlessly for selling out Australia by those pro imperialist lackeys instead of praising his cool headed approach. Indeed a check of the bank accounts of those aggressive lackeys should reveal how short the leash USA has put on Australia. The long term perspective of Australia is with its neighbours in Asia, not as an outpost for a dying imperialist thousands miles away on the other side of Pacific Ocean. Australia has the unique quality to play the role of a respected mediator in Asia. Australia must show independence and integrity in order to earn such vital role in Asia.

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