Ruby on Rails tutorial

There’s so much hype on Ruby on Rails that I cannot resist joining in the rest of the ‘tutorial’ crowd and give my own 2 cents on this. I want to write a tutorial that goes step by step in creating a useful web application on Ruby on Rails. So what I’m going to do is to convert one that I wrote with Java/JSP on Tomcat, and re-write it using Rails.

Some time back I created this web application named ‘Beehive’ for timesheet and project task management, for my company. It took me originally abt 3 weeks of programming, on and off. We’ve been using it happily for the past year, but maintaining it has been a pain to me. Upgrading its features have also been a pain since development is not really my full time job. What I want to do now is to re-create Beehive into Beehive2, and add on brand-new spanking features.

I’ll add the link here when I do start this up.

6 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails tutorial

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