I passed!

I passed my LLM, finally! After 3 long years of studying it’s finally over. I got an invite for graduation in UK at the University of Derby but I don’t think I’ll go, it’s just too far away.

So what I have learnt in these 3 years? And what have I gained? I remember originally I wanted to do the masters by research in NTU for the Semantic Web, but was turned down because I don’t have an honours degree. That was so long ago.

In retrospect I think I learnt much more with a law degree than a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering. I’d probably never become a real lawyer but the knowledge of the legal system and the laws that are relevant to what I do will come in handy. In fact, I’m quite surprised at the low level of legal knowledge within the IT industry.

4 thoughts on “I passed!

  1. I am starting to look for a postgraduate programme. But like yourself, without an honours degree, I am having some obstacles getting to a programme that I wanted. Btw, which is the law programme you did, and at which university? I remember you told me 3 years ago, but memory is failing me.

  2. hi eugene, i did a masters of commercial law at the university of derby. you might try that (http://www.derby.ac.uk) or you might try the university of london llm programme though that is more expensive and a more difficult route.

    anyway you can try to go to http://www.itc2u.com, that’s the local school i went to for the programme, and you can find both there.

    a word of caution however, go for a post-grad programme that you like, not just look for one that you think might help you in your career only.

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