Meetings in Aix

Have been in Aix en Provence (that’s in France) for the past week or so. It’s pretty cold here now, this morning it registered 2 deg Celsius and the ground was frosted. Got some nice pics here. So far there’s been meetings aplenty everyday. Meetings have been good in clearing up issues on projects and the product, but it’s all pretty boring work stuff.

Can’t wait for vacation next week, have been wanting to spend more time with rails now that I am fully enamoured with it. Spend some time with Jaccal also, maybe if Thomas is freer, want to release the GSM package. Will also need to finish up referencing that open source article. Haven’t published a law article before, it would be interesting, but it’s pretty boring stuff going through each sentence and putting footnotes on the sources. Yucks.

Ruby on Rails tutorial

There’s so much hype on Ruby on Rails that I cannot resist joining in the rest of the ‘tutorial’ crowd and give my own 2 cents on this. I want to write a tutorial that goes step by step in creating a useful web application on Ruby on Rails. So what I’m going to do is to convert one that I wrote with Java/JSP on Tomcat, and re-write it using Rails.

Some time back I created this web application named ‘Beehive’ for timesheet and project task management, for my company. It took me originally abt 3 weeks of programming, on and off. We’ve been using it happily for the past year, but maintaining it has been a pain to me. Upgrading its features have also been a pain since development is not really my full time job. What I want to do now is to re-create Beehive into Beehive2, and add on brand-new spanking features.

I’ll add the link here when I do start this up.

I passed!

I passed my LLM, finally! After 3 long years of studying it’s finally over. I got an invite for graduation in UK at the University of Derby but I don’t think I’ll go, it’s just too far away.

So what I have learnt in these 3 years? And what have I gained? I remember originally I wanted to do the masters by research in NTU for the Semantic Web, but was turned down because I don’t have an honours degree. That was so long ago.

In retrospect I think I learnt much more with a law degree than a Masters of Science in Computer Engineering. I’d probably never become a real lawyer but the knowledge of the legal system and the laws that are relevant to what I do will come in handy. In fact, I’m quite surprised at the low level of legal knowledge within the IT industry.