All about Ruby

I have this new passion for Ruby. Strange thing to say — I have been programming in Java for almost 8 years now but my passion for it has not been the same for a while now. It’s not the same feel as I had in the early years when Java was a tool to get things done. Somehow this drifted away from me in the past year or so.

With Ruby something in me that was dormant for a while is ignited again. The past few weeks I was reading up on Ruby and stayed up till 3 – 4 am in the morning actually enjoying myself while programming. It was an incredible experience, something which I have not enjoyed for a long time now, not with programming. I used to do it a long time ago when I was writing my stories, and in the early years, with programming in Java. I was actually reluctant to go to sleep last night because I enjoyed programming so much!

Way cool.

Trying out Flock

Trying to blog from Flock now …. looks good so far. If this is really working (and I’ll know in a min, and you’ll know if you see this) then I’ll be starting to use Flock from now …