Read site is open for business!

I’ve finally spent a day or two putting up ‘Journeys’, ‘Oh Princess!’ and some of my articles up on the Read site!

I set up this site to experiment on this idea I had a long time back on interactive writing. Interactive writing is not collaborative writing where two or more writers contribute to a single storyline. It’s often quite tough to get more than two people to agree on a place to eat to write in the first place, so getting enough people to collaborate on writing anything is a total nightmare.

Interactive writing is a project where a lead writer owns the work, but there are a number of participants who contribute ideas, plots and character development. Although most writers today do not write in isolation, the idea of interactive writing is to involve as many people as possible, where the participants are the readers and they take an active role in determining where the story goes and what happens to the characters.

It’s a labour of love, definitely.