New toy!

I bought a new laptop yesterday! After eyeing one for months, I’ve finally bought it! It’s a Sony VGN-FS25GP and it looks really cool! I’m posting on this new laptop now!

Added console script execution in Jaccal

Added console script execution to Jaccal. This should enable others to link jaccal up easily with their favorite IDE/text editors. Thought of creating an eclipse plug-in. Looked at the documentation. Ran the wizard. Looks a bit daunting.

Maybe later. Right now need to get it to release 1.0 first.

Finally the main page

I finally took some time to create my main page. Something fanciful done with css style sheets and php. Took some experimentation before I got it satisfactory. The main page will be the gateway to all my other sites now. I’m thinking of doing a to house all my personal projects (except jaccal, which will still be at sourceforge), and a for my personal stuff.

Enough. Time for some shut-eye.

Jaccal progress is good!

Jaccal progress is very good! I think we are going to be able to release a first version this weekend, hopefully. What is left to be done:

  1. Javadocs
  2. Cleaning up the build script
  3. Getting the build script to build the C files for jaccal-pcsc
  4. Some tutorials for Jaccal and maybe Anubis
  5. Don’t show the error tab if there is no error

My own reading site

I’m going to create a reading site to publish my own stuff. Got enough materials from my articles, and some of my stories to publish quite a bit. I think I will serialize my stories instead and publish them on a weekly basis, let’s see if there are any interest from people reading them. It’s about time. Have been thinking and talking about it for such a long time, need to put my feet down and do it!

Only that, as usual, need to find time for it.

Hello world!

Just installed WordPress and started my first blog after a long while. Funny that I built so many web applications and web sites that I never did manage to get down to the business of setting up my own. Until now.