Minor bugfix for ScreenSvr

Posted in general, Ruby by sausheong on June 28, 2006

Thomas fixed a small (and silly) bug in ScreenSvr last week and I just managed to recreate a new installer based on it. I had all the settings to change the timing of the configuration, but I forgot to include it in the data generator! *Smack forehead* Thanks Thomas!

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  1. Fizik said, on July 20, 2006 at 10:54 pm


    Nice little Flickr screensvr app you’ve made here. Small, fast, and efficient — just what I need!

    Question: does it cache the photos locally on the Hard drive? if so, where?

    Just wondering if I’m clogging up my HD with temp cached files when I select large amounts of flickr data to be shown in the screensvr.

    Nice job again with the app!

  2. sausheong said, on July 20, 2006 at 11:28 pm


    It caches photos as part of IE’s cache, so look for IE’s cache and you’ll find the photos. If you want to clear the cache just clear IE’s cache normally.

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